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Bhavesh Primalani is the founder of KingClosers™, a sales agency that takes info-product owners from average to world-class by systemizing their sales process. He also coaches 100's of people worldwide to help them start a profitable closing career as well as advising sales teams on how to excel. 

Born out of Hong Kong, China, just like every other 18 year old, Bhavesh took the traditional path of trying to go to college. After dropping out of college within the first 6 months, he left with a mentality of "it's never too late to go back to college". From struggling to finding his first closing opportunity, he scaled a sales agency from 0 to multiple 7 figures in 13 months. In 2021, he's been able to coach students in over 20 countries and also advise sales teams on how to grow their numbers by changing the approach of closing a deal.


KingClosers™, a sales agency, worldwide based, aims to provide info-product owners the best closers worldwide.

The company started when Bhavesh, founder of KingClosers™ realized that he only had the capacity to take 12 calls a day but due to the outstanding performance delivered, referrals were coming on demand. That led to the creation & expansion into KingClosers™. The company has been able to give info-product owners a satisfying experience while they focus on their business and leave the sales proportion to the team.





Coaching people around the world has been one of the most fulfilling parts of Bhavesh's career as a closer.

Since a young age, Bhavesh has always been told to pursue education. At the age of 17, Bhavesh used to work with primary students to help improve their English language skills. Now, he loves coaching students about sales & high income skills. He has also been able to work with sales team's across the globe to help increase their revenue while working the same hours.

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Amazon Automation

Over the course of the past 3 years, Bhavesh has realized the rise of e-commerce playing a big role in people's lives. According to statistics Amazon ships over 1.6 million products every single day which equates to over 66 thousand orders per hour. After discovering a proven strategy on how to sell on amazon profitably and testing several clients stores, Bhavesh and his team have released their services of Amazon Automation to the general public. Bhavesh and his team build a 99% passive stream of income for daily individuals & investors by leveraging the worlds largest e-commerce website, The team will handle everything from product research, listing new items, order fulfillment , monthly reports and so much more!

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